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Founded in 1893 to preserve the history of Bedford, Massachusetts

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We publish our newsletter, The Preservationist, seven times a year in September, October, November, February, March, April, and May. Click on a link to see one of our newsletters in Adobe Acrobat format.


2015-2016 Program Year

November 2015. Carrie Putnam Webber, Bedford's celebrity chef; how many Bedfords are there?

October 2015. The story of the famous Standardbred trotter, Uhlan, born here in Bedford.

September 2015. A new program year begins; how did we have fun in Bedford; School Committee Report of 1847; an update from the Museum Study Committee.


2014-2015 Program Year

May 2015. New Society acquisitions: Dimond Papers; the end of the Civil War.

April 2015. An update on our newest acquisitions!

March 2015. Willson Park, an overdue correction, and a famous sled dog in Bedford.

February 2015. New acquisition: Bacon Patent! A.R. Webber's D-Day connection to France.

November 2014, Bedford in WWI, and mourning biscuits from the Lane family.

October 2014. Update on our quest for a museum, and the story of Bedford in the Civil War.

September 2014. A Letter from our President, with an update on Society activities, and the history of the Pickman Family.


2013-2014 Program Year

May 2014. "Wild Flower of Bedford", and a Bedford hero makes the April 1951 edition of Life.

April 2014. Life in Bedford in the 1900's, Town Report - 1890s & pre-Hanscom airport.

March 2014. The Bedford Almshouse, plus how luck played a role in acquiring a treasure.

February 2014. Continuation of the 1890's census and Sharon's journey through the Bacon letters.

January 2014. The rebuilding of the 1890's census and a Bacon has a harrowing buggy ride!

November 2013. Highways and byways - how names have changed & Miss America runner-up.

October 2013. A look at some our newest acquisitions, and a recap of a busy September.

September 2013. 120 years preserving Bedford's history, Lexington Park, and a pony mystery!


2012-2013 Program Year

May 2013. An update on the Kimball property sale, including plans for the bequest.

April 2013. Bedford in the 1880s plus a follow-up to our restaurant article.

March 2013. The Boston Post Cane & Special Insert: remembering Bedford restaurants.

February 2013. Remembering Bob Slechta; the Wilson Mill Project, the Kimball bequest is resolved.

November 2012. The toll diseases took on Bedfords Civil War soldiers.

October 2012. More insights the Civil War experiences of Bedfords young men; recent donations.

September 2012. Conservation of The Bedford Flag; the story of Bedfords Civil War Soldiers.

2011-2012 Program Year

May 2012. The V.A. Hospital then and now.

April 2012. Bedford in the 1870s.

March 2012. Bedford in the 1860s and the Jenks Nature Trail.

February 2012. We celebrate Black History Month with a discussion of Black Revolutionary War soldiers.

November 2011. The Witch of Shawshine.

September 2011. This Old House comes to Bedford!

October 2011. Our collection of antique dolls.

2010-2011 Program Year

May 2011. Reminiscing about Bedford in the 1890s; Ellen Michaud, muralist.

April 2011. The story of the Michael Bacon Home, and his mill.

March 2011.

February 2011. The Bedford Historical Society has merged with the Friends of the Bedford Flag.

November 2010. The Quincy Cole Cane Mystery.

October 2010. The Fitch Farm Field of Dreams.

September 2010. Welcoming the new season!


2009-2010 Program Year

May 2010. The Lanes and their transatlantic trade

April 2010. The Lane Family Papers; sports in Bedford.

March 2010. Special edition, mailed to all Bedford residents

February 2010. The Great Bedford Liquor War, 1912-13

November 2009. The relocation of the old Kazarian farmhouse.

October 2009. A postcard history of Llewsac Lodge.

September 2009. The history of Dudley Road.


2008-2009 Program Year

May 2009. Bedford dairies.

April 2009. The mystery of the first Job Lane's homestead.

March 2009. Bedford, 100 years ago.

February 2009. The creation of Springs Brook Park.

November 2008. Martha Sage and the Civil War.

October 2008. National History Day winners.

September 2008. The relocation of the old Kazarian farmhouse.


2007-2008 Program Year

May 2008. Bedford in the Great War.

April 2008. Bedford Then and Now photos, part 2.

March 2008. Bedford Then and Now photos.

February 2008. John Hancock's John Hancock. Remembering John Brown.

November 2007 Bedford, 75 years ago.

October 2007. The Bedford charter. The Parker Family of Old Billerica Road.

September 2007. The Shawsheen Cemetery.


2006-2007 Program Year

May 2007. Aerial views of Bedford Center, 1940. The naming of Mudge Way.

April 2007. Charles Jenks and his "Green Acres" in Bedford.

March 2007. Bedford's Big Dig of 1909, the town water system.

February 2007. Bedford Depot.

November 2006. Bedford in 1906. Answers to Mystery Photo Challenge.

October 2006. Bedford schools, 1826. Mystery Photo Challenge.

September 2006. Bedford's memorial boulders.


2005-2006 Program Year

May 2006. The Bedford Grange.

April 2006. The Witch of the Shawsheen. The Octopus Tree.

March 2006. Moving houses.